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Emirates Stadium Tickets Sale: Premier League Live Updates: Arsenal fans might see their team ending the 19-year Premier League title drought this year. However, witnessing the historic moment from the ground won’t be easy for fans as the ticket price are skyrocketing as per online sales. According to new reports, Arsenal’s ticket price for the last game is being sold for as high as £53,000, whereas the original cost of the ticket is £75.50. Follow Premier League News Updates on InsideSport.IN.

Premier League: Arsenal’s Final Game Against Wolves Sparks Frenzy with Tickets Selling for £53k Each as Fans Anticipate Premier League Title Race

Currently, the Gunners are sitting on top of the Premier League table and are 8 points clear. There are still 10 more games to be played but many believe Arsenal will hold on to the lead and will eventually win the league. Many of the club fans are waiting for the historic moment to come when the team will lift the trophy after 19 long years.

Emirates Stadium Tickets Sale: Title contenders Arsenal tickets for final Premier League game of the season on sale for €50,000, Emirates Stadium

For the game against Wolves, the most expensive ticket, a ‘Category B’ game on the club’s A-C scale, would cost an adult £75.50 in the upper tier. However, the ticket price is on the moon and fans are not happy with it. Some have complained that, the ticket price of the last game are sold with the help of bots, which was also earlier the case on several occasions.

Arsenal have approximately 42,000 season ticket holders for a ground that has a seating capacity of just over 60,000. This means, the space is not much for other fans and they need to be quick to grab the tickets. Addressing the issue, Arsenal in last month released a statement saying, “We will also be ramping up our ongoing work and investment to clamp down on ticket touting to protect honest match-going supporters,’ they said last month.”

The club also added that they striving to ensure more tickets are made available to non-season ticket holders.

If Arsenal manages to win the Premier League title this season, it will be their first tile since 2020, when they lifted the FA Cup trophy. Arsenal’s last PL came almost 2 decade earlier in 2003.

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