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The secret of what’s really happening between Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot ruled the past episode. Salman Khan makes sure that Tina gets a rude awakening for her way of behaving towards Shalin and gets a decent banging from Bhaijaan for being confused. Assuming you missed this episode, you ought to make up for lost time with it at Bigg Manager multi Day 97 Features here.

20230108 201355
bigg boss 16 7 january 2023 full episode

In the wake of seeing the hopefuls conflict over muddas in the Bigg Manager 16 and hauling in “Maa” and “Baap” without fail, it’s the ideal opportunity for the challenger’s folks to join on the stage for “Shanivaar Ka Vaar”. MC Stan and Archana Gautam ‘s class was skipped in any case, today they will be on Bhai’s radar.

bigg boss 16 7 january 2023 full episode

The groups of the contenders who conflict the most are to be invited in front of an audience today. Now is the right time to understand the families’ thought process of different hopefuls who get into a contention with their dearest youngsters.

This just gets more fascinating as Salman offers a conversation starter to the MC Stan’s mom asking who is the genius in the mandali, she answers with Sajid Khan’s name. Archana’s sibling and MC Stan’s mom likewise proceed to squabble about the harmful words said against one another in the house. Indeed, even Tina’s mom goes after Stan’s mom that Stan’s language is messy. Then again, Tina’s mother accepts that Shalin holds on insulting despite Tina’s good faith yet, Salman explains that Tina additionally does likewise. It will be fun right now to watch this as the guardians additionally get involved at this point.

The contention which occurred among Archana and MC Stan was at this point to be tended to by Bhai and today that sounds featured. Indeed, even subsequent to having a one on one meeting with Archana last end of the week, Salman appears to disheartened with her way of behaving. He goes to tell her everything her amigo Soundarya Sharma generally says to that her muddas are correct however the manner in which she talks it’s not right it will likewise lead her to making more adversaries without understanding. Bhai opens her eyes by expressing that she believes she’s forthright yet in all actuality she is simply being discourteous.

I’m anxious to see what changes come in Archana’s conduct after this meeting. Additionally, returning to Tina and Shalin’s science will the lovebirds be clear about their sentiments or return to how they were. The truth will surface eventually.

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