20230109 150710

Vasudhara is in the police station for attempting to kill her parents. Knowing the matter, Rishi comes running to Vasu. Along with them, Mahendra and Jagati also come to the station and try to talk to Vasu. Rishi then sees the tali around Vasu’s neck and shouts that it is not tied by him. Even when Jagati asks her to tell the truth about who built it, Vasu remains silent. But the promo showed Rishi once again coming to the police station to find out who really tied the tali in the episode to be held on Monday.

20230109 150710
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What is in the promo.. “Tell me who made that thali” Rishi asks Vasu very painfully. Vasu tells the truth about everything that has happened, but Rishi cannot understand it because he tells it directly. Vasu remembers the fact that Rishi had put a tali on his neck. I got married to my heart’s content. There is nothing more to say. I will feed you sir, don’t come again” said Vasu while crying. Hearing those words, Rishi’s heart breaks. He steps back and leaves in pain. They show that Rajiv has heard all that.

Will Rishi really believe Vasu’s words and leave? Otherwise, it has to be seen whether he will make efforts to bring her out with love for her. As Rajiv understands that Tali Rishi is not tied, Rajiv gets another chance to marry Vasu. Then Jagati and Mahendra rush home for Rishi.

What happened in Saturday’s episode?

Vasudhara’s parents are in the hospital.. The security outside goes to drink coffee.. Then Rajiv enters.. He sees both of them on the hospital bed and says something..

Rajiv : I don’t have any problem as long as there is a father in law like you..but it is a problem father in law..go to Sumitra and your sacrifice will be useful for my marriage..sacrifice..if you want to die then you will not die. What will happen to my character if everyone knows that I am the one who stabbed me…will you live and send me to jail..think if you will die and marry me…is it necessary for you to live…even if you live you will not support me..I will grant you the boon of going away as a holy woman.. He tells you the last hours and leaves..Chakrapani who opened his eyes…sees his son-in-law Rajeev going out..Rishi who entered the hospital at the same time..runs and puts on an oxygen mask…Chakrapani sees Rishi. 

Rishi says why did you not put oxygen mask…don’t take care of the patient properly..don’t think that they have anyone..never give treatment.. 

Devayani goes to Vasudhara who is in jail. Devayani: What Vasudhara..you came
to the police station as a prisoner who was supposed to be a daughter-in-law in the Bhushan family. Rishi will not see your face in birth..Nee Batukki Mee Bave Dikku
Vasudhara: Madam you are happy but your happiness will not last long. Do you see that Vasudhara has become even more sullen…
Devayani: She looks back and leaves …
Vasudhara pinches and calls out.

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