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How to remove password from PDF file – How to remove password from PDF file? Do you know that password can also be removed from PDF file? How to remove password from PDF file? Hello friends! I Sumit Kumar Gupta once again  welcome you to Guptatreepoint.com  blog. As I told in one of my previous posts, how to remove password from Microsoft word document? In today’s post, I will tell you how to remove password from PDF file?

As I told in the previous post that we put password in any file so that my data is safe, that means no one other than us can see our data. Friends, when we have to open any file again and again and if there is a password in it, then we get fed up of opening that file again and again, due to which we have to remove the password from our file.

Or whenever we download a file from the internet, there is a password attached to it, this does not happen in all files, but some files have a password attached and the password is also very long, so we have to remove that password. is

So let us see in today’s post how to remove password from PDF file? If you are reading this post and you want to remove the password from your PDF file, then you must have the password of the PDF file.

how to remove password from pdf step by step

First step: To remove password from PDF file, first of all you must have PDF file and its password , if you have both these data then follow the second step.

Second step: Now after that open any web browser in your computer or mobile and thenopen the website of Small PDF in web browser and then click on unlock PDF

Third step: Now after that a new page will open in whichclick on Drop PDF Here and then select the PDF file from your computer from which you want to remove the password and thenclick on open .

Fourth step: Now after that it will take some time to upload PDF according to your PDF file, after PDF is uploaded  I pinky swear that I have the right to edit this file and remove its protection. Tick ​​in front of and thenclick on Unlock PDF option .

Fifth step: Now after that you will be asked to enter the password. Enter the password of your PDF fileand thenclick on the option of REALLY UNLOCK .

Sixth step: Now the password of your PDF file has been removed, nowyou can download your PDF file by clicking on Download File Now .

For some important point user

Friends, many people search that how to remove any PDF file without password, but this method is impossible and even if it is there, you will have to follow many steps in it. It means that you are breaking the password of any file which is not good.

After reading this post, you can remove the password of only that PDF file whose password you will have.

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